Press Release- Poligon of Controlled Development


Representing the Poligon of Controlled Development (PDC), it’s members explained that this surges from the results of public surveys, it is a citizen organization composed of citizen groups, business people, and proprietors that live and realize their activities within the PDC’s jurisdiction.

Coordinator of the PDC, Ricardo Simental indicate that its main purpose is to give voice to the organized resident groups in matters that involve all, “help with the implementation and continuity of the appropriate municipal, estate and federal plans and programs to be realized in their territory, as well as programs planned by the citizenry.

Simental stated that this organism aims to represent the collective interest. It is, he stated, an inclusive organization that pretends to link each member association with the rest of Vallarta’s residents and associations as well as government entities.

The PDC is composed of seis neighborhood groups: Emiliano Zapata (east and west), Amapas, Centro, Cerro and 5 de Diciembre. Each member will maintain their independence and structure. To read the article in Spanish click here.


Branding and Marking our Territory

10474848_568829473245251_5462791580899853864_nThe ANA is launching their new Basura Project. This is a new program to help maintain our neighborhood clean and green, it’s main purpose is to improve the image of our neighborhood by placing trash containers in key places. These places were picked after careful study of the survey done by Mr. Mallett from Royal Albion Property Management, an ANA member and category GUARDIAN sponsor.

The second purpose for this program is to brand and mark our territory in Amapas. Branding is an important tool that will increase our presence our neighborhood and will mark our accomplishments. Recognition of our logo and program slogan: ‘Amapas Clean and Green’ will create conscience among our residents, neighbors and visitor tourist to help us maintain our neighborhood clean.


Keep an eye out for our new trash containers! This is your membership support at work!

ANA-working for a better Amapas.

Welcome New Sponsors

To kick off the season we would like to welcome two new sponsors to our Association, these are The Coffee Cup & Centro Carpintero del Pacifico.

Coffee CupThe Coffee Cup is located on 146 Rodolfo Gomez, it is a local Amapas business and serves great coffee, hearty sandwiches and delicious desserts. It has recently been refurnished and decorated to a comfortable yet chic atmosphere appealing not only to the eye, but the taste as well. It is fully equipped with charging stations, WiFi, and a VoIP line for international calls. Come enjoy some breakfast in the Air Conditioned interior or the shaded outside terrace where you can people watch.

Fine Carpentry Work

Fine Carpentry Work

Centro Carpintero del Pacifico is a fine carpentry center with a great reputation. Their client portfolio ranges from single family homes to corporate clients such as St. Regis and Four Seasons. Their work is top of the line and über professional. Contact Martha (English speaker) for a quote: 322.121.6778 or visit their website.