Adopt A Pulpito Plaza Planter

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Earlier this year, the Amapas Junta Vecinal raised $50,000 pesos for construction materials to build new planters, replace old sidewalk paving, and make other improvements at the intersection of Calle Pulpito and Olas Altas.

With construction labor provided by Puerto Vallarta’s Obras Publicas, the planters are now complete, and it’s time to fill them with beautiful, colorful plants! The Junta needs to raise $60,000 pesos ($4,800 USD) for good planting soil, the plants themselves, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Here’s how you, your friends, family or business can help:

  • Adopt an entire planter (‘Full Share’ – $20,000 pesos = $1,600USD)

       and be recognized with your name or inscription on the planter’s only ceramic plaque.

  • Adopt half a planter (‘Half Share’ – $10,000 pesos = $800USD) and your name(s) will appear on one of only two plaques on that planter.
  • Adopt a quarter planter (‘Quarter Share’ $5,000 pesos = $400USD) and your name(s) will share a plaque with just one other contributor.
  • Adopt an eighth planter (‘Eighth Share’ $2,500 pesos = $200USD), and your name(s) will share a plaque with 3 other contributors.

Immortalize your contribution to Pulpito Plaza in tile – share one plaque forever with your spouse or partner, or with friends – go in together and buy a Half-Share or Quarter-Share as a couple, two couples, or a group!

Contribute now! Contact ANA Administrator Oscar Magana at, or phone him at 322 120 6666 for more information.


The newly created Amapas Responsible Development Certification (ARDC) recognizes and encourages construction that adds to the natural beauty and authentic appeal of Colonia Amapas by respecting zoning regulations, the neighborhood and the neighbors; and by working within the limits of local infrastructure, or overcoming those limits in creative ways.

Sponsored by the Amapas Neighborhood Association, the ARDC will be awarded periodically to only those Development projects within the colonia that, in the judgment of the Certification Committee, meet its high standards.


To be eligible to receive the Amapas Responsible Development Award, a Project must respect the District 9 Plan Parcial – a law originally passed by the Puerto Vallarta City Council in 2012 – or superseding zoning laws and regulations. It must also relate to the existing immediate neighborhood context in a respectful and/or creative way that contributes to the overall use, ambiance, and/or visual aspect of the neighborhood.


Special consideration will be given to Projects that make a positive contribution to the beauty, livability, and/or visual aspect of the neighborhood, or contribute to the enhancement and enjoyment of public streets and spaces in Amapas.

Projects that incorporate underground utility connections, ‘Green’ technologies such as solar electrical generation or water heating, water collection and reuse or recycling, or otherwise contribute to a smaller infrastructure burden or carbon footprint, will also receive special consideration.


Categories include: Single-Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, and Commercial. New Projects and Substantial Remodels will be eligible.


The ARDC Selection Committee will be chosen by the Amapas Neighborhood Association Board, and will be composed of a recognized local professional in Urban Design; Architecture; and/or Engineering; as well as a member of the Vallarta Real Estate Community; and Neighborhood Representatives. A representative of the Puerto Vallarta Planning Department will also be invited to participate in the Certification Committee.


Anyone can nominate a development by writing to

To be eligible for the Award, a Project must provide the site’s Dictamin, a current and accurate plan-set, and any other related documents that may be requested by the Committee to verify compliance with Zoning and Building Code regulations. A site-visit by Committee members may also be requested.


Amapas Responsible Development Certifications will be presented in a public ceremony with local media coverage. The ARDC Project itself, its Developer and/or Architect will each receive a framed Certificate. In addition, the Amapas Neighborhood Association will feature each Certificate winner in its Newsletter, as well as posting the Certificate, photos and description of the Project and its principals on its Facebook page and on its Website.


Amapas Responsible Development Certified Projects will have the right to display the ARDC SYMBOL and Certification on any publicity, sales or other promotional material. Project principals –Developer, Architect, and General Contractor– will have the right to refer to themselves individually as a Winner of the Amapas Responsible Design Certificate.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or nominations, please send them to


We have more big plans for the coming year, so we’re asking for your continued support. Despite our ever-growing ‘to-do list’, we’ve held Individual Membership to $1,300 pesos = $100USD, and Full Building Membership dues at $1,100 pesos/unit.

It’s been a busy year for the ANA and our members –

■ We’ve worked closely with the police to maintain regular Amapas Police patrols, and crime reports in our neighborhood are at an all-time low.

■ We’re continuing the fight for Responsible Development by joining forces with the Poligono Desarrollo Controlado (PDC) – a new association of the six strongest, most powerful neighborhood associations in Centro and the Romantic Zone.

■ We leveraged our relationship with City Hall and the contributions of neighboring members to repave a bad section of Callejon de la Igualdad and repair its bridge.

■ We installed first-time-ever street signs – Los Pinos, Hortensias, etc. — on the Highway.

■ We put out twenty Big Blue Trash Barrels on the highway and around the colonia.

■ Partnering with Individual and Full Buildings Members Las Moradas and Selva Mar, we paved the part of Calle Gardenias that has been either a dust-bowl or a mud hole.

■ We successfully pressured City Hall to take down the construction crane that had loomed over Calle Hortensias, Villas de las Colinas II and other members for five years.

■ We’re currently clearing roadside brush and rebuilding neighborhood stairways.

All these improvements, large and small, are the result of the active participation, annual dues, and other contributions of our 350 members and their spouses & partners.

You can renew online via PayPal, or in person at our office in Ron Morgan Properties, #509 Olas Altas, across the street from The Palm – just ask for our Administrator, Oscar Magana.

If you’re a Full Building Member, be sure to check with your HOA President or Administrator to be sure renewal arrangements are being made for your building.

If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to me email me (, or our Administrtor, Oscar Magana (

Membership Renewal Drive

Today, Monday December 1st, kicks off our 2014-2015 Membership & Renewal Drive. Annual membership dues make what we do for the neighborhood possible. For a short list, check out the article entries below. Annual dues this year remain just $1,300 pesos = $100 USD for Individual Members and Business Sponsors, and $1,100 pesos/unit for Full Building Memberships.

Join or renew now so you can vote at our Annual Meeting and continue to receive ANA member discounts, our Newsletter, and other benefits!

Joining & Renewing Has Never Been Easier or More Convenient!

You can now join or renew online via PayPal.   We’ll send you an ANA email Renewal Invoice. When you receive it, just click the link and you can pay on online.

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You can also visit our Administrator, Oscar Magana – the ANA has a desk in the Ron Morgan Properties office at #509 Olas Altas, next to Michel’s Restaurant, and just across the street from The Palm. Regular office hours are 11-5 M-F, and Saturday mornings. Oscar accepts cash or a peso-denominated check drawn on a Mexican bank, or discuss other payment methods.

The ANA now has 18 (!!!) Full Building Members. Your entire building can join or renew when your HOA writes a single check to the ANA for all units…and receive a $200 peso/unit discount. Membership cards are issued to every owner and partner/immediate family.

Avoid the last-minute rush — visit Oscar, go online, or have your building join or renew today!

Questions about membership or renewal? email us at for answers!