Amapas Top Recycling Tips.

1. R & R & R

 Reducing the amount that we consume, is the first step.

Using a water filter and reusable container you can reduce or completely eliminate your need for disposable plastic bottles.

Finding constructive Reuses for “waste” materials is next.

If it’s broken, fix it don’t replace it! If you can, return it to the producer.

Finally recycle; you could set your empty water bottles on the Amapas Recycling Program.

2. Know what you can and can’t recycle.

Read up on the recycling rules for Amapas Recycling Program and make sure you don’t send anything in that can’t be processed. Each city or campaign might has its own specifics, so try to follow those guidelines as best you can.


3. Buy recycled.

The essence of recycling is the cyclical movement of materials through the system,. Supporting recycling means feeding this loop by not only recycling, but also supporting recycled products.

4. Encourage an artist

If you know someone interested in making art from recycled materials, offer to provide supplies. Many school children need items like paper towel tubes for art projects.

5. Support “no profit” organizations.

Amapas Recycling Program included a Separate mini-program of plastic caps recollection, and we deliver to a no profit organization named “Angeles en Libertad”; this no profit organization works helping kids and family on poverty with medicine and medical attention.

6. Recycle your greenery

Composting is one of the simplest and most effective recycling methods. Both your garden cuttings and your green kitchen waste can go into an outdoor or indoor composter.

7. Recycle your robots.

 Electronics recycling is becoming more common in many urban areas, battery recycling is very simple, and there are a number of non-profit organizations that will take computer parts and turn them into working computers for others.

 8. Become a waste-stream analyst

 To better understand the kind of materials that enter and leave your home, office, or School, consider conducting a waste audit. Set a span of time like a week or a month, and separate your waste categories.


ANA members have showed the interest to have an ANA’s Plastics (Only) Recycling Program, therefore we are launching our Three-Month (July, August & September) Test Program. It’s FREE.
ANA will provide the Collection Bags, Notices, and bi-weekly pickup. This test period will give us a chance to work out any kinks and more accurately figure the actual costs and the number of participants. With that information, we can determine an equitable way to share the cost of administering the Recycling Program for a full year.
By October, we should be able to advise you of the cost to operate the Plastics Recycling Program.
Thanks to our test program participants, for helping us pioneer the first-ever Amapas Plastic Recycling Program:
For any further information regarding this or any other program Amapas is working at, please do not hesitate contact us at:

Hortensias Street

Hortensias is an important and sloped street providing access to much of upper Amapas. It is built with cement and rocks and has a lot of potholes.  During the rainy season it is very slippery.

The first part of the street that connects to 200 high way is narrow, and has an almost 90° turn left to the top of the hill, just to get even more narrow in front of Villas Loma Linda entrance. In front of Villas Mediterraneas, a natural water course  brings silt and rocks  from storm water to a ditch  where cars, trucks, taxies, and even our Patrol have a hard time to make it up the hill. From Villas de La Colina II to Villas Ivoneka a sinking has become apparent  for a few months.

The ANA wants to plan an ambitious project to build cement tracks in the street to make it easier to climb hills. But the work is very expensive so we need to bring together the city hall and neighbors to make it possible.  It will take some time and organizing.

ANA has already started some work at Hortensias, with Obras Publicas (city hall) providing the labor.  ANA has paid for supplies and has made progress in filling potholes, and fixing the drainage in front of Villas Mediterraneas.

We are looking for an active and interested neighbor on Hortensias who speaks Spanish to help coordinate this project.  If you are interested please contact Administrator Viviana Teston at

Trafic Signs on Hortencias Street.

If you live or visit on Hortencias Street and use Pulpito Street (upper side) to connect, you might have noticed the signs near Vista Grill were odd and misplaced.  It seems that it would be something simple to change; however, as we’ve all learned, easy is not as easy it seems.  We have been chasing the printer for months and we finally have it fixed.

So next time you need to come up to Hortencias, use Pulpito and then you will see a sign pointing up to Hortencias.  If you need to go to Pilitas you will find another sign at the crossroad to either take a left or go right to continue to Hortencias.

These little things make the difference we work on every day to make Amapas a better place.  We hope you find this information helpful and that it makes it easier for you to find your way around our wonderful community.

Stay tuned for more details on our daily work.