The Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) represents all of the neighborhoods, businesses, and condominiums in all of the Amapas area.  Recently, it was reported to us that the trash on several spot specially on the corner of the Carretera 200 and Los Pinos had not been picked up for several days after the September 16th holiday.  ANA took action and as of today, September 29th, three garbage trucks hauled it all away.

Here is some background information to help you and your neighbors better understand the situation.  A few years ago, the Puerto Vallarta city hall signed a contract with Proactiva, the company hired to pick up the garbage.  This was before the mayor of Puerto Vallarta was from the Movimiento Ciudadano party, which is the party of the incoming mayor. There could be many reasons why today all of PV’s citizens suffer from a lack of efficient garbage control.  Some people consider it a political issue; while other said it is because the city hall hasn’t paid Proactiva for several months. Regardless, all of us who live in PV have seen and smelled the piles and piles of unsightly and unsanitary garbage growing on the corners for countless days.

What can you do?

  1. Be aware of the pickup schedule. Did you know the garbage trucks don’t come every day? Their scheduled days for the Amapas Neighborhood are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings.
  2. Follow the schedule. Put your garbage in its designated spot just prior to pick up. In this way, we reduce the unsightly piles to a few hours instead of days.
  3. Don’t put your garbage out when it is raining. Water flows down and eventually into our beautiful Bay of Banderas.  Please be mindful of the scheduled garbage pickup days.
  4. Recycle. We’ve all seen people, pepenadores, who go through the garbage seeking plastic bottles and cans. To do so, they open the garbage bags and make a huge mess. ANA has initiated a plastics recycling program.  If we all participate and recycle plastic, the pepenadores will learn it is not profitable to search in the Amapas garbage bags.
  5. Report. If the garbage truck doesn’t show up on its scheduled days, please call or email ANA and we will report the issue to the authorities seeking immediate action.
  6. Plant cuttings. The garbage trucks will not pick up trimmings from your lawns or gardens.  Either put the plants and leaves in a garbage bag or put them where they can be recycled naturally, but will not interfere with the water drains.
  7. Lend us your mozo. We will gladly provide your mozo with training and understanding so he/she can help keep the garbage area clean after the garbage truck has left and before their next scheduled pick up. In return, ANA will provide gloves, plastic bags, and any other cleaning supplies he/she might need.  We can even provide an extra tip on behalf of ANA.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together.  By working with ANA and your neighbors, we can keep the Amapas area the beautiful area we love.

Thank you.


More than ten ‘new’ street lights now brighten the night along Highway 200 on the curve at the beginning of Amapas, between Calle Pulpito and Privada Los Pinos, including two new street lights on Privada Los Pinos.

The light posts themselves have been there – but dark – for years.

But earlier this month, your ANA paid the cost of new wire and Alumbrado Público (city hall department) provided the labor, to restore power to the dark lights – your ANA – and your annual dues – at work.

To recommend other Amapas-area improvement projects you’d like to see – or help co-ordinate them – contact ANA Administrator Viviana Teston at



On Friday, September 4, ANA President Tom Swale, along with other founding members of Puerto Vallarta’s Poligano Desarrollo Controlado (PDC) gathered to sign the Acta – its official founding document.

Over a year in the works, the PDC is an ‘organization of organizations,’ uniting many of Puerto Vallarta’s  central and Romantic Zone neighborhood associations for the purpose of creating a single – and louder – voice to focus City Hall on the priorities of our various colonias.

By becoming a founding PDC member, the ANA hopes to have a better chance to have our concerns – including enforcement of local zoning regulations, and improvements in our streets, sidewalks and infrastructure – addressed by the new Davalos Administration, which will take office in City Hall next month.

Others present for the signing at Notaria #3 in Centro were Abel Villa, Founding Father of the PDC;  José de Jesús Palacios Bernal, representing Unión de Propietarios de Fincas Urbanas del Municipio de Puerto Vallarta, A.C. ; Damián Bernal Flores, representing Residentes y Locatarios de la Colonia 5 de Diciembre, A.C. ;María Liney Cornejo Mendoza, representing Impulso Ciudadano Pro Vallarta Centro, A.C ; and Thomas Benjamin Swale, representing Asociación de Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas, A.C.

Now that the long, hard organizational work has been done, we hope other neighborhood organizations will also join, making the PDC’s profile and influence in City Hall that much stronger.