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My love affair with Puerto Vallarta began in October 1983 when my husband, Steve, and I came to celebrate our honeymoon. As our family grew we would visit Puerto Vallarta with our daughters and they came to know the city as their home away from home especially as we celebrated the holidays.
After a career as an educator, public school administrator, and the creator of an educational consulting firm, we moved permanently to Puerto Vallarta to begin our new life in 2013. No matter how many times we had visited we quickly learned that a visitor’s experience varies significantly from a resident. A resident has responsibilities and gains different perspectives.
With those in mind, I was drawn to the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) as a way of becoming a part of our new community. A casual Meet and Greet event allowed me to speak with Tom Swale, ANA President, about the Plan Parcial. I wanted to know what it covered, how it had come about, and what did it mean for the future. My curiosity soon led to a lunch date with Tom to speak about joining the ANA Board.
I joined the ANA Board in 2014 to be responsible for Membership and Business Sponsors. During that time ANA created the Business Brochure which is a fundraiser for the organization and we saw increases in membership. I later became Secretary in 2016 and when Tom Swale, unexpectedly passed away in 2017, I moved into the President position.
The skills that have served me well over my professional career are planning, organization, and personal relationships. The values I bring to the position are a focus on teamwork, shared ownership, and involving those directly affected by decisions. As a result, ANA conducted a survey to identify the priorities held by our members and held a President’s Round Table to solicit ideas on how to address these priorities. All of this work culminated in ANA’s Five Year Plan where we identified what ANA’s work would be beginning 2019.
In March 2020 the COVID Pandemic hit Puerto Vallarta. Regardless, ANA’s work continued. We have established a Security Council that helped us flesh out the details for a robust Amapas Neighborhood Watch program, because safety and security are our members’ top priorities. ANA is actively making our neighborhood a safe place to live.
Amapas is my home and my community. The work I do allows me to be a leader amongst friends and others who value our neighborhood. I hope you will join me in continuing to make the Amapas Neighborhood Association the community where everyone wants to live.


Robert Howell, Secretary, has had a 40 year career in healthcare and educational administration in the USA. He is an author and has consulted in numerous settings in organizational development. He first visited Puerto Vallarta in 1970 and remembers driving through the jungle to El Set Restaurant for dinner. Those days are long gone, he has been a 6-month visitor to PV for over 20 years. He and his partner Elroy have owned three condominiums in AMAPAS, having experienced the impact of irresponsible development time and again. He has a particular interest and concern for the impact irresponsible development has had on the environment and infrastructure of P.V. He believes in working with the community at large to solve large community problems in traffic, tap water, sewerage, and pollution of the Bay. He has served as president of HOAs; he and his partner have participated in numerous charity organizations in P.V. and continue to have a strong commitment to the quality of life in P.V.


ANA Treasurer, has a background in global businesses, holding senior executive roles with companies like Chalmers Suspensions International Inc., LEGO, DHL, Crayola, Western Publishing, and Tonka International.
He is a founding member of the Villas Loma Linda HOA board, serving as the Villas Loma Linda HOA president until 2020. Was instrumental in bringing the ANA office to its current home at Villas Loma Linda.
Steve and his wife Gail have five children and four grandchildren between them. They have been visiting Puerto Vallarta for over twenty-five years, and purchased at Villas Loma Linda in 2008. Since retirement they spend their time between their two homes in Puerta Vallarta and the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.
Puerto Vallarta or Amapas, is far more than just a second home. Steve and his wife embrace the Mexican culture and its people. We miss Puerto Vallarta when we aren’t there, and always look forward to returning. Being an ANA board member helps achieve his goal, to do whatever he can to help improve the lives, living conditions, and quality of life, of all those who call Amapas home and Puerto Vallarta in general. Steve believes in giving back, in helping the less fortunate succeed. An example is for several
years he and his spouse have had the honor of sponsoring two very successful students through high school and University as part of the Beccas program. This has been a very rewarding experience in many ays.
Steve states he will continue to strive to do everything he can to help improve Amapas and Puerto Vallarta.

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My home and my business have been in Amapas for ten years. Amapas isn’t just important to me, it’s everything! Let’s make it better together.



Robin Spencer is a Vocal member of the Board of ANA, and social interaction liaison.  She has lived full time in PV for 14 years and moved from Boulder Colorado. She has volunteered  to ANA for many years, and watched ANA evolve in to what it is today. She states, there have been struggles yet she has had the privilege of working with some amazing people that believe in their community. She believes  getting to know our AMAPAS neighbors is most important function of our Board to create a secure and beautiful neighborhood.

She has created the highly successful ¨Meet and Greet¨ program to bring people together for a better knowledge of each other and conversations in a social environment. She also created the highly successful “Pave The Way” food share project whereby ANA members have kindly donated to help the surrounding communities of Nationals in its´ valid need of food to feed families during Covid! This program supplements other programs by providing only fresh foods from our local vendors.

Viviana Testón, is the Administrator of the Amapas Neighborhood Association. She is a Mexican attorney, born in 1980, in Mexico City. She has been in PV since 1986 and she feels like a real Pata Salada (a proud Vallartan), she has 2 kids and 2 dogs, her professional background started with her experience in real estate law and condominiums and Civil Associations. She has lived in Las Ceibas, Nayarit since 2007. She is a Board Member of that Neighborhood Civil Association which administrates and coordinates the neighborhood services while working on the quality of life of its members.

From her experience inside and outside of Neighborhood Associations, she learned and enjoyed the opportunity that a Neighborhood Association in Mexico can provide to the community.

In 2014 she met Tom Swale and the AMAPAS Neighborhood Association, she knew, they were looking for an administrator, and she wanted to work with them. She has been a key to the successful operation of the association ever since. She has garnered the respect of city officials and our members as she functions as the association go between, and problem solver of many neighborhood issues needing city assistance.

She has made many friends in Amapas and has established good functional connections at the City, by her warm smile, friendliness, and enthusiasm one can see she loves her job. She is happy that ANA continues making positive differences in Amapas.


Hortensias 115, Colonia Amapas
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México 48399
+52 322 244 0185


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