To become a member of the Amapas Neighborhood Association you must pay our annual fee.
Member benefits include:  a vote and a voice at ANA’s Annual Meeting, receive our monthly ENewsletter, receive announcements and invitations to ANA events vía email, and receive an ANA membership card, which entitles you to discounts at participating businesses and restaurants.
Effective April 1, 2020, ANA Membership fees will be as follows for Individual
1800 pesos/individual
1500 pesos/unit/building for a Full Building Membership (FBM)

Annual dues for 2020 are $1,800 pesos or Business Members or Business Sponsors.

Full Building Members still receive a $300 pesos discount, so $1,500 pesos/unit.

If you’re a Full Building Member, be sure your HOA approves your 2020 renewal at this new rate, so your membership, discounts and voting rights will continue.

Individual Members, we will soon be sending out renewal invoices through PayPal.    Just follow the prompts and pay by credit card.

You can also renew in person with our Assistant, Diego Villalobos, at our desk at Hortensias 115, Amapas, at Villas Loma Linda.  

If you have already joined or renewed:

You can upgrade your membership to a higher level at any time.

If you join or renew at one level, you can easily step up to a higher level of membership support later.  And you don’t have to start over; just add the appropriate amount to the value of your current membership level.

So, for example, if you joined or renewed at the Basic level ($1,800 pesos), stepping up to Amapas Protector ($2,500) would mean an additional $700 pesos.

If you’re a Basic Full Building Member ($1,500 pesos), stepping up to Amapas Protector would mean an additional $1,000 pesos.

We recognize your generosity any time, over time:

We value your support, and want to recognize your generosity publicly, so any other contribution you’ve made to the ANA during the year is part of our calculation.

For example, you can become an ‘Amapas Visionary’ through your choice of membership level alone, or a combination of membership and contributions to our fund-raising efforts.

To become a voting member of the Amapas Neighborhood Association, you must be a resident of Colonia Amapas or Ampas Sur, or owner of a business located in this neighborhood, and over age 18, to join the ANA.  Not sure you’re in Amapas?  Check the maps on this page.

Pay online:

Or pay in person locally:

If you would like to contribute via cash, Mexican check or credit card, visit our ANA Office located on Hortensias 115; office hours are monday through friday 9-5p.m. Call in advance to set up an appointment.

Please make checks out to: Asociacion de Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas, A.C.