Official call general meeting 2019

Based on the bylaws of its constitutive, by means of this notice all members are summoned to a GENERAL MEETING which will take place at TASTE, Callejon de la Igualdad 129, Puerto Vallarta on February 16th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. if required quorum can´t be reached, then a second call shall convene at 10:30 a.m. Find attached the oficial call.

Welcome Interim ANA Board Members!

Robin Spencer, full-time PV resident and business owner, returns to the ANA Board responsible for Individual and Full Building Membership.  She’s also going to be responsible for Social Events – her definite strength.  Robin will bring her previous experience as a Board member and her ability to connect with people on a personal level.

Robert Howell joins us as Board Secretary.  His desire to serve his adopted community combined with his organization and planning skills to our group.  His ability to set and establish boundaries will help us to make sure that the projects ANA takes on can be supported financially and with both short and long-term goals.  While not living full-time in PV, he will be joining us in November.

Each of these appointments are designated as interim until ANA membership vote at the upcoming ANA Extraordinary Meeting to be held on October 20th..

ANA Extraordinary Meeting – Background

Loss is a terrible thing.  It can also be an opportunity to look at things differently. Such is the case with the sudden death of ANA President Tom Swale.   There are no rules in ANA’s current by-laws to specify succession.  As a result, ANA is currently operating without a legal representative.  Even though Sylvia Toy, current ANA Board member, was selected by her fellow Board members to be the interim president, she cannot act as ANA’s legal representative.  Additionally, several Board members have been replaced and they need to be approved.

The solution presents itself in an Extraordinary Meeting.  It has been scheduled for October 20th.

We recognize that many of our members are not currently in Puerto Vallarta; therefore, the use of a proxy will need to be used.  We will email the official notice and proxy to each member.  Members should sign the proxy, scan it, and then email back to ANA.  Upon your return to Puerto Vallarta, please plan on providing the original proxy for ANA’s records.

So, ANA will send you the email on October 1st..  We’ll give you 10 days to get it back to us.  For those of you in town, we’ll be holding the Extraordinary Meeting on  October 20th..  More details to follow.


Todavía tenemos trabajo que hacer, en el que se estará trabajando el día de hoy.

El día de hoy no se llevará acabo ningún trabajo por ser día feriado para el ayuntamiento por el día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, pero el martes el equipo de Obras Públicas estará limpiando y removiendo el escombro, el Miércoles se verterá el cemento en el último tramo que conecta con la carretera.

Se seguirá trabajando un poco más, pero esto será después de año nuevo, cuando los trabajadores del ayuntamiento regresen de vacaciones.

Queremos agradecerles a los trabajadores por su trabajo duro y especialmente al Ing. Fernando Hernández por su dedicación y empeño como supervisor del Proyecto. Sin su determinación de conseguir que las huellas se terminaran y la calle pudiera ser reabierta antes de navidad, seguramente estaríamos todavía trabajando en la primera parte de la huella de subida.

Muchas gracias también a los miembros de Amapas y a los Edificios y Vecinos que contribuyeron con el dinero que fue necesario para conseguir este proyecto largamente esperado y muy necesario en nuestra calle.

Somos ANA. Y juntos logramos que las cosas se hagan.

ANA Board Approves Additional Administrative Budget for Junta Vecinal

June 14, 2013 PUERTO VALLARTA:  At its regular Board meeting today, the Board of the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA, Asociacion de Vecinos de la Colonia Amapas, A.C.) voted to allocate funds to additional administrative help to get its new work as a Junta Vecinal underway.

Specifically, the Board voted to allocate $18,000 pesos to cover an additional half time person to support the JV’s administrative work for 3 months.  This “seed fund” comes from surplus funds raised thanks to beating our member projections, now exceeding 200 ANA members.

Separately, the Board agreed to ask members to contribute to our special AIM Higher fund to “seed” operations of the JV.  It is anticipated that in the future, fees will be charged for permit approvals to help pay for JV administration.  However, until that time, the Board anticipates needing to fund 6 months of operations, plus consulting and legal fees. The recent clearing of landslides on Gardenias by the city is the JV’s first success in getting city action for neighborhood issues (click here for story).

A goal of $100,000 pesos was set in time for high season in October 2013.  All members are urged to consider a contribution (click here for budget and details).