On July 10 Gene Mendoza, ANA board member responsible for Safety and Security, and representatives of Casa Corazon, Villas Santa Barbara, and Amapas 353 condominiums met with Vidal Meza. Mr. Meza is one of the owners of Mantamar/Top Sky Bar and he manages those establishments.

We had a very cordial meeting where complaints from the neighbors regarding the loud noise from Top Sky Bar were addressed. The three buildings mentioned above are the most affected from the noise at night. Neighbors complained about nightly loud music and sometimes foul language from entertainers at late hours. Mr. Meza promised to investigate the issue further. He compromised, however, to turn the volume of the music down during week nights and even more so after 11:00 PM every night.

Mr. Meza explained that they host special events when the volume would be higher and where special permits/licenses from the city are obtained. In such cases, he promised to inform the neighbors in advance via email so that owners and guests know of the dates and times of such events.

Everyone present at the meeting was pleased with the outcome. We ask members to report if loud music is still being played after 11:00 PM when special events are not publicized. If you want to be notified of dates and times of special events please send us an email to admin@amapaspv.com.