Plastics Recycling Coming to Amapas!

LOGO RECICLAJEIn the next month, we’ll be seeing a dozen new, specially marked wire Recycling Baskets on our streets and beaches.  They’ll also be appearing in the garages and trash collection areas of our participating condo buildings.

Recycling reduces the volume of trash that goes onto the street and into the dump, and reduces the incentive for dumpster divers to go through our trash.  Eventually, we may be able to recycle glass and aluminum cans, but, for now, it’s plastic containers (preferably empty) only.

Here’s how the Amapas Plastics Recycling Program – starting soon — works.

You get:

A specially-marked Amapas Plastics Recycling Basket – or Baskets – for  your building specifically for empty plastic container collection & pickup/disposal.

Our independent recycling contractor picks up the contents once a week on a regular schedule – or more often, as needed – all you have to do is call.

If you’d like additional baskets, or if you’d like to donate one for a public area, you can order them by emailing us at

Here’s all we need from you:

The name and contact information of a Responsible Building Representative.

The name and phone number of your Mozo and/or Security Staff who will be coordinating pickup.  You and your building decide where to place the baskets internally, and where/how pickup will take place.  We just need to be able to contact someone directly to coordinate pickup.

The specific location and other details for regular weekly Plastics Recycling pickup and any special instructions.

And we need $200 pesos/basket.  This small price covers the cost of fabricating the baskets and their identifying weather-proof signs, plus underwriting the cost of public area Recycling Baskets on Amapas-area streets and beaches.  You will receive a receipt or factura from the ANA Administrator.

Email us with your orders, comments or questions at