Bylaws Modifications 2018

There were six revisions to ANA’s Bylaws made at the Extraordinary Meeting.  Here is a brief summary.

  • A full building member (FBM) is now identified as a type of member of the Association.
  • ANA’s four main goals are Responsible Development, Security, Infrastructure and Creation of Community.
  • There are three different kinds of fees: ordinary, voluntary, and extraordinary.
  • During an Ordinary Meeting, such as ANA’s Annual Meeting, a minimum quorum can be established at the second call.
  • Minimum requirements established to serve on the ANA Board –
    • Must reside in PV a minimum of six months
    • Must be a member in good standing
    • Must have been a member for at least a year
    • Must have a good reputation
    • To be considered for Board President, the member must have served on the Board for at least a year
  • ANA has two legal representatives – the President and Treasurer.

If you would like to see a full versión of ANA’s ByLaws, please stop by the office and Viviana will give you a copy.

Extraordinary Meeting 2018

Extraordinary Meeting 2018

Saturday, October 20th ANA held its first Extraordinary Meeting.  It was a meeting of firsts in many ways.  We achieved quorum by proxy prior to the meeting ever taking place.  How?  One of ANA’s bylaws allows the HOA President or Building Administrator to submit a proxy for the entire building’s membership.  The participation of our full building members at Condo Escondido, Estrella Del Mar, La Cima III, Las Hortensias, Las Moradas, Selvamar, Terraza Del Mar, Villas Loma Linda, Villa Tizoc, Villas Macuaz, Vista Amapas, and Vista Romantica combined with those members who submitted a proxy and those members who actually attended the meeting helped us to the percentage of participation we needed.  We were able to begin the meeting at first call.  Since the agenda was concise and to the point, the meeting was over in 30 minutes.  Yes, 30 minutes!  We celebrated all of these firsts and welcomed our new Board – Sylvia Toy (President), Don Pickens (Treasurer), Robert Howell (Secretary), Gene Mendoza (Vocal), and Robin Spencer (Vocal) – with a delicious breakfast buffet offered by Taste Restaurant and bubbly Mimosas.  What a great meeting!

ANAual Giving 

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is proud to announce that for our 2018 ANAual Giving Campaign all proceeds will go to the Tom Swale Memorial Sidewalk Fund, in honor of our late President.  Finishing the sidewalk along highway 200 was Tom’s last big project and one which we want to complete in 2019 in his honor.   Our goal is to raise $20,000 USD for this project.  It is a big push, but not nearly as big as all the work Tom put in into the ANA for the last six years.  Please help us reach this goal by the end of 2018!

Please visit for details about the campaign.  ANA saves when you donate directly in the office with a credit card or cash, or you can pay directly to PayPal at or on the GoFundMe Site.

November Meet and Greet

Ready to Speak Some Español?

November’s ANA Meet and Greet event will be held at American English Tree Language Center located on Calle Rafael Osuna #158 Col. Versalles on Friday, November 16th.  ANA Member Denyce Burrows is the school’s director and is very happy to have the opportunity to show off the school and offer a “Clase Muestra Gratis” (demonstration class) to all ANA members and guests. This will be a fun opportunity to learn a few language basics and practice Spanish sentences with their English students. They will have students of all ages and backgrounds with whom to visit. 


Their Multi Cultural Events are popular throughout the high season and usually occur on Saturdays when the school is full, but this is a special ANA Members Only event!  These events provide the opportunity to learn about the local Spanish speaking community and to see how the school supports the community through their fully funded scholarship program.  

The school fees for every Canadian and US Spanish class student automatically funds a local scholarship student that otherwise would not have the chance to have this life changing opportunity. 

Expats, more than anyone appreciate the paradise we live in. 


Come support American English Tree Language Center in helping provide this unique opportunity to their fabulous community. Learn some Spanish to make your life easier and help a scholarship student in the process. 

Visit their new Spanish Coffee & Conversation Club Café that they recently opened in time for the high season where students of all levels may come to practice their new language skills. 

Tour their wonderfully decorated classes, bring your food and drink items and prepare for a fun evening!

 Get ready to speak some Español!

 For more information please contact Denyce Burrows, Directora, American English Tree Language Center at 322-276-1754 or

American English Tree PV