Your Amapas Neighborhood Association knows that during this hard time worldwide it is important to keep supporting and helping our community. We care about the local families. We want to do our part and need to be here for them.

We are happy to see there are many organizations and individuals doing their part – donating and distributing food baskets.

We have also noticed many of them include items such as rice, beans, milk, cans of tuna, bath soap, toiler paper, crackers, cooking oils. Help ANA PAVE the Way for families and businesses in our local community. For 200 pesos/week, ANA will add to the existing food banks providing families with two deliveries each week – Wednesday is roasted chicken day with tortillas and salsa and on Friday they will receive fruits, vegetables, and eggs. ANA’s goal is to serve 50 families each week at a cost of 10,000 pesos. We know the effectiveness of the quarantine is to make sure families and individuals stay in their homes through May 30th. Beginning today, April 17th there are six weeks until May 30th. Toward that end we need 60,000 pesos to help 50 families for six weeks. We can do this! DONATE!!


Less than a week after posting on Facebook and a direct email to ANA members, we have garnered 73% of the funds we need to provide food to 50 families for 6 weeks. 

Why 6 weeks?  We began the PAVE the Way program on April 16th.  The mandatory quarantine began in Jalisco on Monday, April 20th.   At a minimum, it will last until May 30th.  That’s how we calculated the six weeks. 

Which organization is the Amapas Neighborhood Association (ANA) working with?  We have chosen to partner with Caritas, a Catholic Church organization, that has been doing this work for over 15 years.  Their mission is to promote and coordinate social works in favor of the poor.  They distribute food to the lesser known and poorer colonias such as Playa Grande, Lopez Mateos and Ramblases. 

What does the money go towards?  For 200 pesos a family will receive a roasted chicken, tortillas, and salsas on Wednesday and then receive fruits, vegetables, and eggs on Fridays.  (PAVE = protein and vegetables, extra)
What is ANA doing with the funds?  We have negotiated prices and made agreements with a local roasted chicken vendor on Calle Insurgentes and vegetable vendors in the Emiliano Zapata market.  ANA Board member, Robin Spencer, will pick up the products and deliver them to one church.  Other Caritas volunteers will then take and distribute to the various colonias.


Why didn’t ANA join other organizations?  We had a two-fold goal:  feed families and help local businesses.  By working with a local chicken vendor and produce vendors, we help their families and those employees stay employed and fed.  We wanted to have a local impact. 

ANA’s goal for 6 weeks and 50 families came to 60,000 pesos.  Any amount will make a difference so please contribute what you can.  Your 200 pesos goes a long way in Mexico. 

11 200 pesos 2,200 11
2 400 pesos 800 4
6 1000 pesos 6,000 30
3 1200 pesos 3,600 18
4 2000 pesos 8,000 40
1 5000 pesos 5,000 25
1 20,000 pesos 20,000 100
31 45,600 pesos 43,129.88 pesos 228
Help us achieve the rest of our goal!