Step 1 – ANA Survey and Results

ANA has existed for 18 years.  For many of those years ANA has had the same four goals – responsible development, security/safety, infrastructure, and building community.  It was time to take stock of where we are now.

Fifteen percent of ANA’s membership responded which is considered a favorable response rate.  The results of ANA’s 2019 survey were as follows using a forced-choice method:


1st – Security/Safety of self and property at 42% 2nd – Responsible Development at 32%
3rd – Infrastructure at 17% 4th – Building Community at 11%


This survey was the first step in developing ANA’s Five Year Plan.  Step two included the President’s Round Table scheduled on March 25th.

Walk About Amapas

Newly elected ANA President, Sylvia Toy, began her tenure walking and meeting with the presidents and owners of various condominiums.  Taking her job seriously, she is “walking about Amapas” to see and hear what you see and hear.

Condo Escondido – Nestled between Calle Pino Suarez and Pilitas and beside Pinnacle, lies little Condo Escondido with 13 units where she met with Gary Lichenstein, president, and Saskia Geul, owner and building administrator.  Their two concerns were impending growth and the delapidated stairs on Pilitas.  ANA has been working with this group of concerned neighbors since last year.  We are proud to announce that through ANA’s collaborative efforts with the City and a local homeowner, the permit has been granted to rebuild the stairs.  Nathalie Haertling, owner of Art Vallarta, and Saskia Geul are spearheading the needed fundraising to not only rebuild the stairs but to make them a piece of art.  Congratulations!

Real de Conchas Chinas – Across from the Los Pinos Street lies a wide swath of green área divided by the little known Rio Amapas.  Since it is only accessible through Conchas Chinas we had all assumed it was in Conchas Chinas.  Nope.  It belongs to Amapas.

Last year interim president, Harris Spiridonidis, worked with AMPI President, Harriet Murray, and Morey Applegate, local realtor, to jointly write a letter to Mayor Davalos informing him of the importance of preserving Amapas’s green areas.  Needless to say, the interests of the Real de Conchas Chinas residents lies in responsible development.

Villas Loma Linda (VLL) – Located directly off the highway and up Calle Hortensias you’ll find Villas Loma Linda, the first time-share building in Puerto Vallarta.  The ANA office is now located in the original office for the time share operation.  Over time the 26 one and two bedroom units have become owner occupied and are now one of ANA’s full-building members.  There are four different towers and two amazing pools at VLL.   Steve Clarke, VLL President, noted that most of their residents and guests walk to and from town; therefore, their perspective is from a pedestrian point of view.  He shared the following concerns:  completion of the sidewalk, crossing the highway, the illicit behaviors at Abedul stairs, development, and security.

La Cima III – Located at the very end of Calle Los Pinos lies beautiful La Cima III.  Built in 2004, La Cima III has 12 floors with two units per floor.  Rhenda Glasco, president, met with Sylvia on an early Saturday morning.  The primary concern of La Cima III residents is with access – through one street – Los Pinos.  Back in the summer of 2014 a landslide occurred on private property at the tight curve just past the highway.  Many residents were concerned because it appeared that the road would collapse at any moment.   Immediately ANA began working with City officials, the bomberos, and the police to determine the safety of the situation, identify the owner of the property, and determine what could be done.

It’s 2019 and what has ANA done?  First of all, the landslide occurred on private property.  This news limited ANA’s ability to intercede without permission.  Secondly, ANA hired a private engineering firm to conduct an assessment.  The City also did one.  Each concluded that the road was safe.

Terraza Del Mar – Also located up Calle Los Pinos you’ll find Terraza Del Mar and president, Bill Williams.  Unknowingly Bill raised the same issues voiced by La Cima III – trash and the landslide.  He recommended that ANA be more aggressive in protecting the green areas in our community.

Additionally, Bill came up with some interesting proposals specific to Los Pinos – add wall lights and signage for Los Pinos, installation of cameras in four access points, and the creation of a cross-wide Amapas social hour.  It’s 6 pm.  Go out and meet the neighbors where you live.  Great idea!  Who’s interested?

Villa Tizoc –Sylvia was invited to attend the annual meeting for Villa Tizoc by president Don Bieghler.  What fun!  She got to travel up and down their funicular.  It was a lively discussion and a great opportunity to meet so many people.  Their areas of concern focused on implementation of the new noise ordinance, request for a garbage structure, safely crossing the highway, and development of a green space near them.  They also expressed much appreciation for the highway sidewalk.

Sylvia was able to share information from a recent Gay Pride announcement event and the importance of scheduling a meeting with business owners in the Amapas area.

La Cima I – At the top of lower Hortensias, to the right it splits into Gardenias, and continues as Hortensias to the left.  Smack dab in the middle you’ll find La Cima I with its beautiful gardens and pool.  President Brent Zerull and Sylvia shared great conversations over many glasses of water.

Built in early 2000 the concerns of La Cima I had to do with the side effects of development – construction noise, crime, and the loss of their beautiful view last year.  In the case of La Cima I, a neighboring building added onto their existing structure.  The plans were reviewed against the Amapas Plan Parcial and it was determined that the addition, as originally submitted, had to be lowered.  The addition is now within the guidelines, but it is of little consolation to those units that lost their precious view of the ocean.

Don’t see your building’s name on this list?  Schedule a visit with the president by emailing Sylvia at

Membership in the Amapas Neighborhood Association

We hope you enjoying yourselves after Semana Santa.  Whether you’re up north or still in Puerto Vallarta please make sure you have renewed your membership.  Why is your membership important?  ANA is a community-based non-profit organization.  We rely upon your membership fees and/or your donations to do the good work normally associated with city services.  Many of us come and/or move to Mexico because we are attracted by the easy life style and lower cost of living.  However, as we spend more time here our expectations for many of the conveniences and services from up north become more desirable.  ANA does not receive any financial support from the city for all of the work we do.  We could wait until our colonia’s needs came up on the city’s radar to get our streets paved and potholes fixed or we can work collaboratively with the city, ANA members, and donors to get the work done.  We’ve chosen the latter approach which has been a very successful one.

What does every member get for 1500 pesos/year?  You get to participate in a community organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Amapas colonia.  Your support helps ANA run its office, foster relationships and connections with important city officials in the police, tourism, ecology, public works, and ___ departments.  ANA has also helped members with CFE, SEAPAL, and security companies.  Could you do that on your own?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

To date, ANA has 16 full building members and 56 individual members:


Brisa Lunar/Casa Lupe Escondido
Estrella Del Mar Las Hortensias
La Cima I La Cima III
Las Moradas Monte Vista
Renaissance Selvamar
Terraza Del Mar Villas Macuaz
Villa Tizoc Villas Loma Linda
Vista Amapas Vista Romantica

Thanks to all of you for the continued support you offer to your neighborhood organization.

ANA brings our neighbors together to create a community by holding monthly Meet and Greet events, and two large social events (Dinner Dance, and Mariachis, Margaritas, and More) throughout the year.  We seek input from our members through the President Walk Abouts, the Survey, the President’s Round Table, and Consultation meetings.  We want to hear what you have to say.

If you’re not a member, please join today to support and add your voice to the strongest community organization in the Puerto Vallarta community.

Official call general meeting 2019

Based on the bylaws of its constitutive, by means of this notice all members are summoned to a GENERAL MEETING which will take place at TASTE, Callejon de la Igualdad 129, Puerto Vallarta on February 16th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. if required quorum can´t be reached, then a second call shall convene at 10:30 a.m. Find attached the oficial call.

ANA Pres Announcement

The Amapas Neighborhood Association is pleased to announce that Sylvia Toy will serve as interim President.  Sylvia has served on the ANA Board for four years as Secretary, and worked on membership, business sponsors, and member benefits.   ANA’s long time President Tom Swale passed away suddenly in May 2018, and is sorely missed by all. Sylvia’s efforts garnered 67 new members, now over 350 total to make one of the largest neighborhood associations in Puerto Vallarta.

Sylvia’s 30 year career was in education as a classroom teacher, building principal, district administrator in literacy and special education programs, and a private consultant for web-based programs.  Little did she know that when she and her husband moved to Puerto Vallarta five years ago, she would find a new passion – serving the community of Amapas.

Sylvia thrives on organization, infrastructure, and data driven decision making. Her “retirement” to Puerto Vallarta has allowed her to develop other skills, including one she never knew she had: sales.  She increased the number of business memberships and created the first annual ANA Business Brochure.  Bringing life to the businesses that offer ANA members a discount, the ANA Business Brochure has brought significant attention to the Amapas community.

During those four years she volunteered at each Drag Derby.  “This year I even ran with the queens.  Pretty good for bad knees!”  Last year she was responsible for ANA’s Annual Dinner Dance – Let’s Misbehave.  Sylvia said of her goals:  “I want to add shared leadership.  I played and coached soccer and volleyball so I know firsthand what it feels like to work as a team.”

Sylvia’s goals are big: “First we will finish and maintain everything Tom started – highway sidewalk, painting crosswalks, Caballito stairs, Pilitas stairs, and modifying the Pulpito tree lighting to name a few.  Later, we need to again survey what our members need and want.  if you live in Amapas and want a voice in ANA’s future, then you need to participate.”

“Community activism requires selfless behavior – Tom was the perfect role model.  I can’t fill Tom’s flip flops, but I will do my best to keep ANA moving forward,” she added.

Don Pickens, ANA Treasurer for six years, owner of Casa Cupula and Taste Restaurant, had previously announced in February that he would be stepping down once a replacement was found.  Gladly, he will be staying on to ensure institutional memory continues and to make sure ANA remains financially sound. “Sylvia has the energy and enthusiasm needed to succeed in this job. We will adapt and thrive, as Tom would have wanted!”

Gene Mendoza, ANA Vocal for Safety and Security for six years and owner of Fusion Gourmet Restaurant said “Sylvia has that rare combination of organization and motivation that our association needs in a President.”

The Amapas Neighborhood Association has scheduled an extraordinary meeting on Saturday, October 20th to appoint new Board members. New members include Robin Spencer (returning to the Board) and Robert Howell. They replace Harris Spiridonidis, whom the Board thanks for his years of diligent service, concentrating on Responsible Development.  Yasmin Todd has also resigned due to a move out of the colonia.

For information on how to join and support the ANA’s mission, please contact or Visit us at or at our office at 111-3 Rodolfo Gomez.